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Response to Cllr Cheshire’s enquiries about the proposed satellite site and park and ride:

Dear Keith,

Thank you for your enquiry. The proposed park and ride facility, within a satellite compound off the B6480 to the east of Wray, would enable construction personnel to park before being shuttled to the Lower Houses Compound via mini-bus, thus reducing the volume of light vehicles on the local road network surrounding Wray. The facility would not be made available for use by members of the general public.

The compound would also double up as a HGV holding facility, allowing abnormal load vehicles seeking access to the Lower Houses Compound to be held until being cleared to proceed via a communication system. As a key piece of mitigation for possible impacts on the local highway network, the proposed satellite compound would be one of the first activities undertaken following the commencement of the development and would remain in place until reinstatement. It is envisaged that development would begin in 2024 with completion predicted in 2029 when the tunnel boring machine reaches the proposed Lower Houses compound. There would be significant periods of inactivity while the compound is present, with approximately two and a half years of construction activity in total, spread over the full duration.

It is anticipated that construction traffic may need to use Main Street on 18 separate weeks during the overall construction programme. On these occasions, temporary parking and traffic restrictions would be required along sections of Main Street to enable the safe movement of construction vehicles through the village.  The temporary residents’ parking area proposed at the ‘Bridge House Farm Tea Rooms’ at the southern end of Main Street would provide replacement parking facilities for use by residents and patrons during periods of restrictions.

We are keen to work with you to ensure that sufficient advance notice of any restrictions is provided to members of the community and feedback on any issues arising is acted on swiftly by the Contractor.

Kind Regards

HARP Stakeholder Relations Team

Planning application from HARP 29/06/2021 Ref 21/00792/FUL http://www.lancaster.gov.uk/planning/view-applications-and-decisions

Notes of HARP meetings attended by Parish Council representatives:

Information and updates from HARP:

21st May 2021 – Haweswater Aqueduct Resilience Programme (HARP) – updated plans for Ribble Valley and Lancaster.

The Haweswater Aqueduct supplies fresh drinking water to people in Cumbria, Lancashire and Greater Manchester. To ensure that we can secure the quality and resilience of these water supplies, vital work is required to replace six sections of the pipeline amounting to one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the North of England.

We have been busy consulting with local authorities, councillors, communities and their representatives about our plans as part of our pre-application consultation, including physical exhibitions and an online virtual exhibition, engaging with over 12,500 people and receiving over 2000 feedback responses. We would like to say a big thank to everyone who took part!

Taking into consideration the feedback we have received as much as possible, we have now developed our latest proposed plans for the Bowland and Marl Hill sections which you can view by visiting the updated section of our virtual exhibition at www.harpconsultation.co.uk.

We are also running a live webinar on Thursday 3 June at 6pm, where members of our team will be talking through our latest plans and the virtual exhibition updates. If you would like to join this event you can register by visiting the virtual exhibition home page and following the online instructions.  

We will be submitting planning applications for these latest plans to Ribble Valley Borough Council and Lancaster City Council later in June 2021.

Best wishes,

HARP Stakeholder Relations